Start-Up 101

During the Start-Up Academy you will gain skills and knowledge you need to start and run a successful business. This course can be done at your own pace to really focus on developing an effective business model. Do not let not being able to afford a consultant or not knowing who to trust delay your dreams. Use this course to learn everything you need to know to get you started on your journey.

What's included?

11 Videos
8 Texts
4 PDFs
1 Download
1 Presentation
Kendra Robinson
Kendra Robinson
Start-Up Specialist

About the instructor

Hi! I’m Kendra Robinson, a business consultant specializng in business and non-profit start-up. I provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to develop their business, attract the ideal clients, and increase their profits. I started my first business at the age of eighteen. With several years of business experience and a Masters in Business Administration I became passionate about helping professionals use their passion to develop a successful business. I have helped my clients develop their business, attract clients, and achieve the freedom and wealth they desire! Join my team and you too can achieve your dreams!

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